Virtual Campus Experiences

The fun, engaging & oh-so-easy to manage online experience that brings you together!

This interactive, virtual campus experience has been played by universities across Canada for frosh week and other special events throughout the school year. Our game, Under Surveillance, is a customizable, thematic, immersive and super fun puzzle game that has students working in teams of up to 8 players to catch the thief trying to steal important university research! This game can be played by groups of up to 495 players at the same time.

During your hosted event, teams will scour the web, communicating with a character through email, visiting social media channels, and completing interactive, web-based puzzles. Students will connect with one another, meet new people, and be introduced to your campus in a virtual, fun way!

Outwit Adventure


Customization – $495 (one-time fee)

Hosting –  $6.50/player + hosting fee of $90/host. The number of hosts required depends upon the number of players booked. (Typically you will need one host for every 7-8 teams).

*applicable taxes not included

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    Customized for your Campus!

    The first time you book with us, we will work with you to customize the game for your university/college campus. Various puzzles through the game utilize aspects of your school (your location, building names, information about your campus, etc). This is a super-straightforward process that only requires a few steps from you and we take care of the rest.  You will then have a customized game that you can use for special events anytime in the future!

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