Under Surveillance

Grab your friends and meet together online for a virtual web-based adventure, Under Surveillance. This virtual game will have you and your team scouring the web, communicating with a character through email, visiting social media channels, viewing and interacting with security cameras, and completing interactive web-based puzzles. Work together to solve the mystery!

(Please note: This is not a live avatar game. This is a different format of game but still just as fun! Groups will need at least one player with a Facebook account (http://www.facebook.com), as well as access to the street view function of Google Maps (http://www.google.com/maps).)


You can choose to play with or without a host. We are happy to host your group, which includes creating your Zoom/Microsoft Teams meeting, being available if you have any questions about your virtual conferencing software during your game, being available to provide hints and, most importantly, breaking large groups up into smaller teams and keeping track of hints in order to determine a winner! But, if you think you’ve got this on your own – you can play without a host as well. If you’d like to add a host to your event, please check the box during the checkout process and we will send you a link after payment to schedule a time. If you choose to play without a host, your email will include a link to start the game along with a unique Passcode for you to use with your friends.

The Storyline: You were informed that there is something shady going on at your workplace! You and your team have been recruited to figure out what or who is behind it. Work together to collect clues, solve the mystery, and catch the culprit. This mystery will test your team’s problem solving skills by working together using Zoom or Microsoft Teams. Do you think you and your team are up for the challenge?