Virtual Team Building


The Outwit team is working hard to ensure our corporate clients have the opportunity to continue strengthening team morale and cohesiveness and celebrating their team accomplishments while following the COVID-19 regulations. Get together virtually and have some fun, as your team works together to complete one of our Virtual Team Building activities.

Our interactive, virtual team building experience, played by groups across Canada,  will have your team working through a 60-90 minute virtual adventure that will test your team’s problem solving skills. Encourage creative thinking and challenge your team in new ways while facilitating better virtual communication and teamwork. And group size is no worry – we can host groups of up to 495 players at one time!

How it works

During your hosted event, your group will be broken into teams of up to 8 players who will work together via Zoom or Microsoft Teams to scour the web, communicate with a character through email,visit social media channels, and complete interactive, web-based puzzles.

We know you are busy so we’ve made the process to get the show on the road super simple.

Choose your game option:

  1. Right now we have two games to choose from – Under Surveillance and The Love Diffuser
  2. Pick a date
  3. Figure out how many players you will have (approximate #s work fine)
  4. Choose whether you want to communicate during the game using Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  5. Send us the details above and we will book you in and send you an event link to forward to your team ! It is that simple!

More options to engage your team

Looking for a unique, customized experience to support your company’s specific outcomes or culture? We also offer customized solutions that can be executed via web or mobile application. Contact us today to learn more about our development services and how we can fulfill your organization’s needs!

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