Time Traveller

Earlier this morning, one of our scientists stole a top secret project that our government has been working on for a number of years. The tech that was stolen was a teleportation device that is capable of opening portals to different times and places. We need you to find the thief and return the device as quickly as possible, before he alters the past and changes the world as we know it


Outwit Adventures Events are location-based outdoor adventures with the puzzle solving fun of an escape room mixed with augmented reality features! You will solve puzzles to find out where you need to go next to unlock the next portal to a new era.

  • Your starting location will be revealed once you click on the “Begin Adventure” button in your game
  • Each ticket covers a team of up to 6 players

 You do not need much to play our Outwit Adventures. Bring:

  • Your wits (the most important thing to remember)
  • Your team of 1-6 players
  • ..or better yet - purchase some refreshments around town at local stores/restaurants while on your adventure!
  • At least one smartphone per team, which will need the Outwit Adventures app installed and ensure “The Time Traveller” is downloaded onto the device. (You can add up to 5 other devices so each player can play along on their device.)
  • Make sure not to forget to come up with a clever team name in case you make the leaderboard
  • Lastly, no one will know you are detectives unless you dress the part! Costumes are encouraged (but optional)

While we know you are playing just for the fun of it, prizes will be awarded for the following (winners TBD after the final day of your city’s event has ended):

  • Fastest team
  • Best detective costumes
  • Most creative team name

Outwit Adventures has created this exciting event to take place in a city near you! You and your team of detectives will work your way around town, solving clues and tracking The Time Traveller through different portals into different locations and times. You must stop him before he messes with the past so much that it changes the world as we know it!

Your Outwit Adventures event is delivered via our app and features augmented reality! The game is self-guided, so you can work your way through the game quickly to try to make the leaderboard, or take your time, stop for refreshments, food and shopping along the way and make it a full day activity! The game itself should take 1-1.5 hours.

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