New River Beach Treasure Hunt

Welcome to Outwit Adventure’s New River Beach Treasure Hunt! Thanks to the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture, this puzzle hunt is free so everyone who visits the park can enjoy it! The puzzles in this hunt are pretty easy, making it a fun game for all ages! It should take you about 30 mins maximum to complete.

This game uses Augmented Reality for some puzzles, where you will interact with your real-world environment using your device’s camera. When your camera is launched, you will need to do one of 2 things – either scan an object which will launch a puzzle to solve based on that object, or you will search your surroundings for 3D objects in your environment. This game’s use of augmented reality requires us to ask for permission to access your device’s camera and location.

You must be at New River Beach Provincial Park in New Brunswick order to play this game.