About Us


Outwit Adventures started in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. When our escape room closed, we quickly started thinking of new ways we could still continue to bring puzzle focused adventures to our customers. That is how the idea of Outwit Adventures came to be.

We chose the name “Outwit Adventures” because the word “outwit” draws upon the puzzle aspect of our games – where each story-driven experience will challenge you and the players you are working with to solve the puzzles we have carefully crafted for you. “Adventures” are what we offer – immersive, story-driven experiences that will fulfill your desire for a virtual adventure.

Outwit Adventures provides both location-based and web-based puzzle adventures that challenge your wits with immersive, story-driven adventures. As escape room designers, we have taken our love of puzzle creation to the next level.

In our location-based applications, you will use augmented reality to discover hidden treasures, play mini-games and solve challenging puzzles. Our web-based games are perfect for virtual team building and easy for planners. Work together with your team, from anywhere in the world, to scour the web to accomplish your mission. And our events are sure to provide a wonderful day of adventure for your whole team!

Our list of available games is growing, so please check back often to find adventures available for you! If you are interested in having a custom game built for your location or company, please reach out as we would love to work with you to create a customized Outwit Adventure!



Julie is our CEO and is responsible for pretty much everything anyone one else hasn’t mentioned. Since 2015, she has been an entrepreneur – running a successful escape room company and is excited to bring the puzzle solving fun of an escape room to the virtual space. In her spare time, Julie can be found hanging out with her 3 kids, husband and dogs, visiting with her extended family and friends, or researching and dreaming of the farm sanctuary she someday hopes to own.

Matt is our Creative Director and is responsible for game and puzzle design. He is somewhat or a superhero – a resource teacher at a local school by day and then gets his creative juices flowing coming up with immersive game & puzzle design by night. He has been designing in-person escape room games since 2015 but has been creating games for family and friends to enjoy since his teens. In his spare time, Matt enjoys spending time with his family, gaming, and playing strategy games.


Alex is one of our Unity developers, working on game, media, and asset design. He has a Bachelor’s in Mechanical Engineering, and got his start with the team building real-world puzzles for Breakout Saint John before moving his focus to Outwit Adventures. He enjoys making and playing games in his spare time, as well as creative writing and cooking.


Spencer is one of our programmers and is completing a co-op term with Outwit Adventures while pursuing a Bachelor of Computer Science. In his spare time, Spencer is usually in the vast outdoors enjoying hikes, kayaking, or long walks on the beach. Some of his hobbies also include maintaining his salt water fish tank, gaming, and investing in stocks.


Bofeng is our Full Stack Developer here at Outwit Adventures and is also pursuing a Master of Computer Science degree. Besides programming, Bofeng prefers outdoor activities such as hiking, fishing and camping. In his spare time, he also enjoys time with his pets, gaming, baking and cooking.

Justin is one of our Unity devs, and is responsible for programming puzzles and making UI and art assets, as well as some animations. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Game Design from Sheridan College and has worked on many different genres of games throughout his 6 years experience in programming, and 5 years experience making games. If he’s not at his computer he can be found with his cat Oliver who he loves dearly, or going out with friends (when not in a pandemic).


Almas is currently working with Outwit as an external Tech Advisor/Consultant and is leading the team’s development of Agile/Scrum processes, Flutter development and Cloud infrastructure. Almas is a full stack developer with 7 years of experience in sectors such as e-commerce, messaging, VR/AR and Fin-tech. In his spare time, he likes to ski and hike.