About Us

Our story

Outwit Adventures started in the middle of the COVID-19 crisis. When our escape room closed, we quickly started thinking of new ways we could still continue to bring puzzle focused adventures to our customers. That is how the idea of Outwit Adventures came to be. Outwit provides both location-based and web-based puzzle hunts that challenge your wits by meshing real-world experiences with virtual content. As escape room designers, we have taken our love of puzzle creation to the next level.

In our location-based applications, you will use augmented reality to discover hidden treasures, play mini-games and solve challenging puzzles. Our web-based games are perfect for virtual team building, we you can work together with your team, from anywhere in the world, to scour the web to accomplish your mission.

Our list of available games is growing so please check back often to find adventures near you! If you are interested in having a custom game built for your location or company, please reach out as we would love to work with you to create an Outwit Adventure!